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Cookie Mix From Santa - A Festive Bake Off

Santa's Fav Cookies

Mrs Claus' Cookie Mix is a vacuum sealed pouch of magical cookie ingredients. The simplest way for kids to enjoy a Festive Bake Off. Just add water, mix, refrigerate then bake for 10 minutes. Perfectly delicious cookies delivered every time.

According to the packet, Santa's favourite cookie mix includes 'Jingle Flakes' and 'Pinecone Dew' no less!

To help the kids get the baking time just right, we’ve created a magical 10 minute animation that they can watch on any device as soon as they pop the cookie mix in the oven. (The link is on the packet).

Preparation Time = 30 mins
Baking Time = 10 mins
Consumption time – 15 seconds! Ho ho ho.

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The Cookie Mix comes with a matching personal Santa Letter making the whole experience so believable.

Make Believe. Keep Believe. Re-Believe.
Santa's Letter with Cookies
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