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Santa Letter Example


To see an example of how a custom Santa Letter will look and read just click 'Preview Santa Letter'. Try changing the story-template to see the magic happen in a variety of contexts.

Santa writing a letter

Bobby is a boy who is 7 years old. He lives at 1165 Nile Avenue, Beverly Hills, California 90210 UNITED STATES.

He likes baseball. He has a dog called Freddie and a kitten called Tigger. His best friend is Mikey. His most wanted gift for Christmas is Star Wars Legos.

You have asked Santa to write the following P.S. message: 'I hear you had a wonderful time at Disney this summer. And keep up the good work at school.'

You would like Santa to mail this letter on 12 December 2019.

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TIP: You can change the template up to midnight the day before Santa mails his letter.

159 to Christmas
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Guaranteed by Christmas Eve

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