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Letters From Santa

Our Santa Letters highly personalized and come with a FREE door hanger. Santa mentions pets, friends, most wanted Christmas present and more. You can add a PS message where Santa will say something very specific about the child. You can also have the letter signed off as Santa Claus or Father Christmas. By selecting a mailing date you can choose when you want the magical communication to arrive. You can choose from the many story templates that best site you child from 1st Christmas to grown ups - Santa has a letter to suit everyone.

Questions Pre and Post Sales

My Letter/s haven't arrived yet
Are you sure it's due?
The date you submitted with your order is a SEND date. In other words that is the day we post it. Although they are always mailed First Class it can sometimes take up to 12 days for them to arrive (though the vast majority arrive within 5/6 days).
Please note that the Santa Letter Special and the Santa Letter Deluxe will not fit through a letter box so there will need to be someone in to take delivery. If an attempt at delivery has been made it maybe that there is a parcel waiting at your local post office (they don't always leave a note in our experience) or left it behind the gate/with a neighbor. Please check these scenarios first.

I want to change the story template but nothing changes when I preview.
We are sorry but this affects a small proportion of our customers. The problem is that some web-browsers are storing a copy of the template/preview and not refreshing with an updated version.

Hit F5 on your keyboard to get the page to refresh.

Hit Control AND F5 to force the page to refresh.

A more drastic solution would be to close your browser down completed and the visit My Account again. Or you can use the Save Basket feature else you will need to enter all the details for the letter again. If you have already purchased you can login to My Account and change the template without having to enter all the details. How do I know the template/story has changed? If the page says "Letter story changed to ABCDEFG, then this is what the template will be.
I've forgotten my password  

Just attempt to long at My Account and if you get your password wrong you will be asked a question about a previous order and a correct answer will log you in.

I've ordered more than one Santa Letter, but only one has arrived  

We are very sorry. We know this can be frustrating for everybody and potentially distressing for the children whose letter hasn't arrived. Sometimes this happens even though we ALWAYS mail them together. We advise hiding the letters (if possible)until all letters have arrived safely. If you are still concerned after your send date plus 4 days has passed (excluding weekends) then please contact us.

Question still not answered?  
Please email with details of your order including your order ID/Question and supply the email address you used to order with if different from the reply address in the email you send to us.  

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